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Kick-off event of Humanities
International House
(HU-IH) 2023

We offer all-year-round activities for all HUSWU foreign scholars and foreign students.

Today, we had the meet and greet event to get to know one another… our lovely members.

Next week, we will still have the Lunar New Year event.

Do not forget to prepare stories for the Lunar New Year celebration in your own country.

See Ya.

Humanities International House (HU-IH) 2023

Lunar New Year Event

Our Lunar New Year event went really well. Thanks to all participants in our international community. We were so delighted to see you enjoy the activities with us.

Happy Lunar New Year and see you all next month.

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Expressions of Love


Join us on this special Valentine’s Day event. International students of the Faculty of Humanities, volunteers, and staff are invited to share and learn expressions of love around the world. Let’s celebrate what love is together.

Feb 14 | 12:00pm-1:00pm

Room 1004, Building 38

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