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Faculty of Humanities

From a division of the Higher Teacher Training School to the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty was officially established on August 22, 1975. At present, the Faculty of Humanities divides its internal structure into 4 main divisions as follows:

1. The Dean’s Office, Faculty of Humanities

The Office serves to support basic/administrative operations of the Faculty in every mission.

2. Center for Undergraduate Studies

It is responsible for directing the course operations at the undergraduate level.

3. Center for International Studies

It is responsible for directing the operations of international programs.

4. Center for Graduate Studies

It is responsible for directing the implementation of programs at the graduate level.

Glass Buildings


  • To provide teaching and learning for quality graduates in the field of humanities.

  • To conduct quality research and offer innovations for sustainable benefits to both national and international societies.

  • To offer academic services that meet the needs of community and society.


The Faculty of Humanities is a leading learning and research organization where the graduates are recognized for their effectiveness in foreign languages and efficiency in digital world.

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Core Competency

  • Create innovative programs and nurture graduates for outstanding language performances by professional lecturers.

Core Values

  • Student-centered instructional excellence

  • Ethical and transparent work environment

SWU HU Identities 2021_edited.jpg
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