Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Programs

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International Undergraduate Programs
International Undergraduate Programs

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Graduate Programs
Graduate Programs

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B.A. in English

B.A. in Oriental Languages: Chinese; Korean; and Japanese

B.A. in Thai

B.A. in Information Studies

B.A. in Children's Literature

B.A. in Philosophy and Religion

B.Sc. in Psychology

B.Ed. in English

B.A. in Language for Careers:

Language for Digital Business;

Language for Hospitality Management (with minor subjects in Chinese; Japanese; or German)

B.A. in Language for Communication:

Double Majors in



English- Vietnamese


English-Mandarin Chinese (Coming Soon!)

B.A. in Thai Studies (Coming Soon!)

M.A. in English

M.A. in Linguistics

M.A. in Thai

M.A. in Information Studies

M.A. in Developmental Psychology

Ph.D. in Thai:

Thai Language and Literature

Thai as a Foreign Language

Ph.D. in Language and Global Communication | Click to learn more about the program